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With no sound of the noisy boat motors that disturb marine life, kayaking tours as a form of sustainable and eco-tourism gives you the chance to experience the sea life in their natural habitat.

The main starting point for kayaking excursions in Tenerife is Los Cristianos beach. From this point, you will start enjoying kayaking on the flat water. You can expect about 2 hours of paddling. The main destination point is cliffs of Guaza Mountains, with which you will have an impressive view on, from a water surface.

On these routes, it is very typical to see dolphins playing around, and you can see them from a very close distance. Sea turtles are also common species to be seen in this area, taking their breath on the surface.

However, according to the latest regulations on the Canary Islands, be prepared that you will not be allowed to snorkel and swim with turtles in some areas.

These trips are not physically challenging, and generally, anybody with an average fitness level could navigate kayak through these waters. But if you are overweighted double check if this is the activity for you, for safety reasons.

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