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El Medano is the main point for kitesurfing in Tenerife. The geographical location of this area, flat water, waves and 300 metres of sand will make your experience memorable. Thanks to the north-east trade wind, you can undertake this activity at any time of the year. However, the top kitesurfing season is from April to November.

Full beginner kitesurfing course usually lasts 9 hours, divided into three days (3 hours a day). From equipment introduction and safety rules to body-drag and water start, your instructor will teach you all you need to continue to practice kitesurfing on your own.

If you’re not a pro, but already know a little bit of kitesurfing, you can take some extra 2-hour or 3-hour lessons to refresh or improve your skills. The instructors on El Medano are experts in freestyle, wave and race, and will show you some outstanding tricks.

It is not required of you to have a previous kitesurfing experience, but you need to be a good swimmer and have no fear of water.

Afterwards, grab yourself a kite and off you go! Kitesurfing is for sure the water sport that will boost your adrenaline level, and you won’t regret having tried it!

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