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Playa de las Américas in Costa Adeje. Surfable in all stages of the tide. It is an exposed beach with offshore winds blowing from the east. The beautiful landscapes and scenery of the coast will make you want to jump on that board as soon as possible.

Main surfing season is from September to April. During the summer, this part of the island is blessed with light and smooth waves, ideal for beginners. The rest of the year, you can catch pretty big waves in this area.

There are many types of surfing lessons you can try here. Choose single class, or book several group surf lessons, beginner/intermediate private or private double surf lesson, family lesson, you name it. 

And even small kids can surf! Thanks to their excellent balance skills, kids usually manage to master surfing skills and get on the board very fast. And it is a perfect exercise for movement control.

Surf trainers are all qualified instructors and surfers themselves. They will get you into the water to practise, depending on the surf level you reached. Age doesn’t matter to undertake this water sport, but for your own sake, it is desirable that your fitness preparation is on a good level. So, get ready to ride some waves!

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